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Mysterious Lights

Release Date: 25 April

Mysterious Lights (Unreleased)Them Lights

Lights can be a guide, beautiful and beguiling, but they can also herald a warning.


Sacha Hanlet a.k.a THEM LIGHTS is a producer, singer and performer born in Luxembourg. Having been introduced as a kid to Michael Jackson’s classic Thriller, there awoke in him an unerring link to groove and melody that would stay with him forever. 

Embarking on a new musical journey, one that would showcase his full array of styles and range of influences, Sacha released his debut track ‘Got No’ in 2018. Filled which a stadium-sized hook that could stop a bison at a hundred yards it announced Them Lights as serious players on the music scene.  


After having played several shows around Luxembourg i.e. Siren’s Call Festival and having extended his live appearance with a unique light setup THEM LIGHTS is now currently putting the finishing to a bunch of new and exciting tracks. Them Lights will lead you on a long and colorful journey, with numerous waves of light beamed straight into your heart.

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